Zac needs a home

Sorry in advance for all the cross-postings. I'm trying to find a home for this guy asap. I can't keep him and the Chicagoland shelter where I'll be surrendering him does not euthanize adoptable dogs, but I think he would really benefit from being in a foster home.

Here's more info, and pics behind the cut.

On Saturday, I found this dog apparently abandoned, tied to a tree near a busy road. I called the police, who said they were not able to take him, nor was Animal Control able to pick him up. The officer indicated that he would have had to stay tied to the tree until Monday morning, so I brought him home.

The dog, whom I have christened "Zac", is a male. He's NOT neutered, and he looks like an adolescent to me. I think he's a Basenji or Basenji mix. He has a great temperament and is very affectionate. In addition, he's very energetic and would benefit from some basic obedience work. Zac seems to be a very quick learner, though, and he is quite food-motivated. He seems to be crate-trained or at least has not urinated/defecated in his crate, although he did pee on the kitchen floor, so he's not totally "housetrained". He'll need a lot of exercise and interaction.

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If you might know someone who has room for him or have another suggestion about who I could contact to try and find him a home, please leave a comment. (Feel free to make it invisible or send me a message directly.) I'd be able to keep him at my apartment for a little while longer if it meant he could go to a foster home and I would be willing to drive him somewhere. I'm in Chicago, and would drive him several hours if he had a foster home at the end.

Alrighty. Photos below the cut.

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I know there are a million dogs that need help, and many dogs that need help more urgently than Zac does. But if you can do anything, I would be incredibly incredibly (X1000!) grateful.

Doggie angst

My family went on vacation last week, and our dog, an 8 year-old Boxer (Allstar, a.k.a. the love of my life), is boarded with the breeder from whom my parents purchased him whenever we go away. Let's call her Jane. Jane is a seriously awesome lady, an extremely responsible breeder, and Allstar loves to go there. I dropped him off last week, and we talked for a while, and I mentioned that I was eventually looking to adopt a second dog and asked her to let me know if she came across any adoptable frenchies. (She breeds Boxers and French Bulldogs). Jane said that she generally doesn't rehome any non-breeding, older, or ill dogs - they just live with her in her house.

BUT - she has three Brussels Griffons (a.k.a. Griffon Bruxellois) that she was asked to care for by a humane society around Madison, because they were seized from a hoarder. (Long story re: why she got the brussels.) And Jane's looking to rehome two of the Brussels, because they need more attention than she can give them. And Allstar and I met the girl, a 3 year-old fawn Brussels, and OMG SHE IS PRETTY FUCKING CUTE.

(We also met the boy, who is larger and more outgoing, but he and Allstar made a few growlies at each other, which, while it's normal behavior and not the end of the world, made Jane and I think that Allstar would be more comfortable with a female.

Jane would give her to me at no cost, provided I sign a contract agreeing to spay her and return her to Jane if I need to rehome her. Allstar seemed only mildly interested in the BG girl - he sniffed her once and went back to eating grass while Jane and I discussed her.

So while on vacation, I thought about the BG all week and read a bunch of stuff about BGs online and thought and thought. I'd decided that I wasn't sure a BG was a good dog for me, but then I picked up Allstar at Jane's today and asked to see BG-girl again, and I squeed and cooed and adored her all over again. We played around outside a bit, and now I can't get her out of my head.

SO NOW I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. Here are just a few of my concerns about taking this Brussels Griffon:

1. They're a toy breed. I'm not really a toy breed person. I like big, goofy, sloppy, stupid, drooly, loveable, squareheaded, jowly dogs who live in the moment and are happy and silly and make me laugh. That's why I love boxers and pibbles and rotties and etc.


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What should I do, y'all? I need some advice. Any words from BG owners would be most welcome. I'm trying to decide which dog comms I should post this on after I refine my rant a bit, so if you have any suggestions on where I'm most likely to get a good response, that would also be welcome.

Many thanks in advance.

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The Unusuals

I'm so disappointed The Unusuals is getting cancelled. I was really loving this show. Adam Goldberg and Harold Perrineau killed me with their banter. It was so great to watch a procedural that was funny, but not campy, but also didn't take itself too seriously. Urgh. ABC, I hate you right now.

Dollhouse (??!!??)

You guys, is Dollhouse seriously being cancelled? That's the scuttlebutt, but I haven't gotten around to finding any articles that detail how likely the cancellation is.

I just watched ep. 9 last night, and IT WAS AWESOME. I am officially loving this show, and am going to be very disappointed if it's gone.

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Anyone else have thoughts? Is the show definitely getting cancelled?


I e-mailed amazon with a partly-form e-mailed ganked from copperbadge's post here (I added in a bit myself), and received the following e-mail reply that made me go Hmmmm....:


Thanks for contacting us. We recently discovered a glitch in our systems and it's being fixed.

Thanks again for contacting us. We hope to see you again soon.

Please note: this e-mail was sent from an address that cannot accept incoming e-mail.

To contact us about an unrelated issue, please visit the Help section of our web site.

Best regards,

Sharmila S

A "glitch"? Color me skeptical.

I see there are various theories floating around about how this sales ranking mess happened - whether it was deliberate on Amazon's part - but I haven't had time to read them yet. Will be interested to see how this plays out and if Amazon makes a public statement.


OMG you guys the Obama's new puppy is TEH CUTE. I think I'm ded from the sheer adorability of these pics.

I'm disappointed they weren't able to adopt a rescue, but I think every family has to consider its unique situation, and with Malia's allergies, it seems like this dog is the best choice for them. And major kudos to the Obamas for donating to the DC Humane Society.

They are the most awesome family ever.


X-Files Fic (and many thanks)

I am feeling much better today, and I want to thank everyone for their kind, insightful, and encouraging comments on my post here and over on petbulls. It meant a lot to me. Thank you guys.

But now - I am in serious need of some X-Files fic. I've just re-read everything by syntax6 and various other favorite writers, and I can't find ANYTHING to read. I've checked Ephemeral, Gossamer, XF Lost&Found, etc. But nada.

So any recs? Any new fics? Is someone writing something soon? Puh-lease?


(no subject)

Has anyone else been watching Legend of the Seeker? I started watching it on Hulu, and I'm hooked. It's cheesy amazing silly goodness with awful mangled accents and sword fighting and cleavage and sexy lustful UST Looks of Longing between the lead characters and I love it big time. It's by the people who did Xena and I don't even know what channel(s) it airs on during the weekends, but every Sunday I hunker down in excitement to watch when it's posted on Hulu. I haven't heard anyone talking about it on lj, so I was wondering if that's because it's clearly crap and no one is interested in it or what. (It is crap, but SUCH GOOD CRAP.)

Also, I want these shoes so bad in red: http://www.shopbop.com/prop-hidden-platform-square-toe/vp/v=1/845524441831021.htm?folderID=2534374302117231&fm=browse-brand-viewall-shopbysize

I have them in purple, and they're insanely comfortable. I'm trying to save money, because I have none, but UGH I wantthemsobad. Even though I already have a pair. But so comfy! I admittedly have a shoe fetish, as well as a buying-clothes-online problem that I'm trying really hard to break myself of. One of the docs I work with calls me Imelda in all our correspondence.

Lastly, I'm loving Dollhouse. I thought Friday's episode was great. Collapse ) So yeah, I was way skeptical about this show at first, because honestly I was never a huge Eliza fan (I did not love Faith and was happy when she peaced out of Buffy), but she has impressed me on this show. I didn't think she had the acting talent to pull it off. She's obviously no Maria Falconetti, but I've become an Eliza fan, which I never thought would happen.

I also was skeptical of the claims that this episode would delve into the mythology, because from past painful experience with sci-fi shows, myth-arcs get mah hopes up only to bring them crashing down in the most painful way possible, so I was not excited about the show's 'backstory' so to speak. And yet - here I am, sucked in once again, because I totally enjoyed this episode and am now actually interested in the mythology. I was all, no let's keep with the standalone episodes, don't get ambitious and too big for your britches, show. But now I'm tentatively on board for the time being. Damn you Joss Whedon.

And randomly, I had a really involved, detailed Dollhouse-related dream last night in which Alpha appeared (he was delicious-looking), but there was also a girl-Alpha called Saint Valentine (why? who knows...I find my subconscious vaguely embarrassing) and it was all intrigue-full and then at the end apparently we were actually filming the show, and it wasn't real anymore, and wow what a weird dream. But kind of good one, you know? I love when my dreams have plotlines and cute boys....

eta: I haven't read the Legend of the Seeker books, so I'm not making any judgment upon them by saying that the show is crap (but in a really wonderful way!). Also, I did notice some fan-rage on Hulu about the extent to which the show is diverging from the plot of the books, so maybe that's why nobody's watchin' it.

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OH NO. Where is ONTD?



Okay, we're back up. There will be no need to dust off any of those "books" you have at the bottom of your closet or to interact with any human beings.